Oliver's Progeny
Here are some pictures of the lovely puppies that Oliver has produced.
Woodwing Secret Life  "Oscar" 5 months old
Oscar 18 months old at the NFGRC Speciality
Photo taken by Julie Caruthers
Bred and owned by Pat Vanden Heuvel of Woodwing Golden Retrievers
Litter owned by Nancy Murillo of Resawood Golden Retrievers
Oliver (Trewater Secret Admirer) x Freya (Wynsok Resawood's Freya)
The 6 week old pictures was their first time being stacked on the grooming table
First week
Black boy 6 weeks
Green boy 6 weeks
White boy 6 weeks
Red girl 6 weeks
Orange girl 6 weeks 
3 weeks old
Black boy
Green boy
White boy
Red girl 
Orange girl 
Eating is exhausting business
Blue boy 6 weeks
Purple boy 6 weeks
Burgandy boy 6 weeks
 Brown girl 6 weeks
Nothing like the milk bar
Blue boy 
Purple boy
Burgandy boy
Brown Collar girl 



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