Weekly pictures of the Oliver x Freya litter.
Freya and her beautiful new family less than 24 hours old
First Week
Second Week (1 week old)
Third Week (2 weeks old)
The puppies eyes are open and they are starting to play and interact with each other. They have also discovered their voices!
3 weeks old
The puppies are getting much more aware of their environment and, that there is another world outside of their whelping box. Their level of play with each other has increased as well as a beginning interest in toys. They have also started to eat puppy gruel.
4 weeks old
The puppies are growing and changing by the day.
5 weeks old
The puppies are now eating 3 meals a day of puppy food. They have been spending time in the inside section of the puppy run in the garage. This weekend they have moved into their new play pen in the house.
6 weeks old
The puppies are now going in and out of the puppy run. They think to be able to go in and out is the best fun.
7 weeks old
Going into our final week. The puppies had their health exams and have passed with flying colors. They have been so good about using their potty boxes. They have been such good clean puppies.



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